Any design agency can implement websites themselves with us!

With bedemy you can implement your web designs independently and easily as real websites. Without a modular system and yet without programming knowledge.

With bedemy, design agencies can implement websites themselves

How we help agencies

We are the perfect partner for design agencies in website implementations


We teach you how to turn your designs into powerful websites that are technically up-to-date and achieve top search engine rankings. Whether by video call, or in a personal workshop on site (with us, or in your agency).


If you have already implemented websites with Breakdance, or are in the process of doing so, we are happy to advise you at any time. No matter if there are problems or you need help with the implementation of particularly tricky customer requirements. In our 15-year agency history we could implement everything so far.


You want to know what is good / bad about your customer's website and what you can / should optimize (performance, design, SEO, privacy, ...)? We are happy to do that. On request, we create written reports that you get to present to your customers. 


You have a great design for your client's website, but you currently have neither the expertise nor the time to realize it? Ask us! We are experienced specialists who have already implemented many sites for design agencies and do it every day.

Should I use a modular system?

Save yourself trouble, time and mediocre results.

If you don't have high expectations, you are welcome to try one of the countless modular systems. Anyone who has ever done this knows that you will never get a satisfactory result and, above all, you will never be able to realize your great designs the way you want. But the list of disadvantages is even longer:

  • Limited creative freedom
    Website building kits offer pre-built designs and limited customization options. This means that you, as an agency, will have difficulty creating unique and customized websites for clients. Beautifully designed websites in the client's look and feel are not feasible even with simple design requirements.

  • Limited functionality
    Building blocks are not able to implement complex functions or individual requirements. This becomes problematic for you as an agency if the customer has a special requirement. This can also be the case at some point after the website has been released. What if an important request of the customer cannot be realized?

  • SEO Restrictions
    Search engine optimization is critical to online success. However, many website builders offer limited control over SEO elements, making optimization difficult.

  • Lack of independence
    You want to give your full control over the website, or you want to enable only certain areas for certain people. With a modular system you have to rely on the very limited administration of the provider. Most of them offer only one access. This is not only annoying, but can also cause legal problems if you don't know exactly who does what and when.

  • Limited support options
    In many cases, website builder providers offer limited or generic customer support. This can be problematic if you need quick and specialized help.

  • Limited data security
    If you work with sensitive customer information, you will most likely have trouble ensuring data security with a modular system, as you have little control over the servers and infrastructure.

With modular systems, agencies quickly reach insurmountable limits in the course of a project when it comes to creating and managing high-quality, customized websites for professional clients. For design agencies that want to offer high-quality solutions even without programming knowledge, the choice of a powerful website builder is essential. "Breakdance" for WordPress occupies a prominent position in this regard. Why Breakdance is the right choice for you and why this great tool is better than comparable providers, you can find out in our Blog article read more.

With bedemy, design agencies can implement websites themselves

Why us of all people?

bedemy has grown out of a design agency over the last 15 years. We understand your challenges. That's why we exist!

We understand designers

We understand designers because we are designers ourselves! It is absolutely clear to us that it is important for a designer that the design of the website actually looks like the design after implementation. That's why we at bedemy have taught internal designers how to implement websites and not the other way around. In addition, our team consists not only of programmers, but also of excellent web designers, interface designers and graphic designers. They very quickly taught our programmers and developers that spacing, font sizes and small graphic details are not arbitrary and "nice to have", but give the website its character and must be implemented in exactly the same way.

We have a lot of experience

We have many years of experience in working for design agencies that hire us. Originally, we only converted design templates into powerful websites. Since we know Breakdance and specialize in it, we've been encouraging agencies and designers more and more to do this work themselves. We have made it our mission to show agencies and designers how they can very quickly, implement all their own ideas and layouts. We remain for questions and special tasks always contact. Without contract, subscription or similar. Agencies compensate us only when we were needed and could help.

We inspire agencies

No agency has ever worked with us on just one website before. After the first collaboration, we were also brought on board for the next website projects. Regardless of whether we implemented them completely or were only called in for 2 or 3 hours for tricky things. Agencies have the confidence to take on completely different, large clients with us at their side because they know that all requirements can be implemented with the bedemy team. We have already successfully implemented many websites, from small landing pages for marketing purposes for freelancers to very large websites for major corporations. Sites that are now maintained independently by the agencies.

We help quickly

Design agencies run into real emergencies with websites all the time. A client's website doesn't work and he loses money. You have to quickly change something on the website, or add to it. We are usually available immediately during our business hours on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm. We usually respond to your request immediately as well. If we are busy and cannot be reached directly, we will get back to you on the next working day at the latest. And if there is a "special" time (release, event, publication, ...) for accessing a website outside our official working hours, we will be happy to act as a backup if you need us. We can discuss something like that in advance.

We can implement everything

The bedemy team can not only create beautiful layouts or teach you how to do it yourself. Even if it gets very demanding, we are the right contact, no matter what requirements you or your customers have. Whether you need someone to program complex interfaces, build complex functions or integrate external tools: We do it almost every day. Feel free to ask, our experts can certainly help.

We give a guarantee of success

As we prefer to work for or support agencies on a long-term basis, transparency is important to us in all areas. We never do anything where you don't know beforehand whether and what exactly it will cost you. We sometimes do smaller tasks free of charge. For larger requests, you will receive an offer from us that we will stick to. If it turns out in the course of the project that the task is more complex than originally expected, we will inform you immediately and provide a revised cost estimate. You can then decide whether you want to commission the revised quote or not. If you do not wish to commission it, we will not invoice you! Not even for the time we have already invested in the project up to that point (according to the initial estimate). At bedemy, agencies only pay if we have a solution and have really been able to help.

A few answers

Frequently asked questions

What we guarantee

You will only receive an invoice if we have been able to help!

Our team works hard every day to solve problems quickly for our customers or to achieve optimal results during implementation. As a result, bedemy is now known for its first-class service and has many happy customers. Our past experience and belief in our abilities enables us to offer new customers a unique promise that underlines our commitment to customer satisfaction.

We only issue an invoice if we have really been able to help!

If we are unable to help with a problem or implementation, we will not issue an invoice. Even if we have already invested time. You have no risk, because even in the event that we have implemented everything as requested, our costs are transparent, agreed in advance and never exceed the planned budget!

What our help costs

No nasty surprises

We charge according to a fixed hourly rate, which we will inform you of in a written offer before we charge you for the use of our team. This means that implementing a small feature or fixing a problem is usually quick (often within a few minutes) and therefore doesn't cost much. The implementation of a complete site, on the other hand, can take a few days (depending on the scope).

But you don't have to worry about the costs.

Firstly, you will always receive a quote from us in advance via email, even for smaller support requests. Secondly, we always stick to this cost estimate unless we tell you otherwise. If, during implementation, we realize that the task assigned to us is more complex and will take longer, we will contact you with a revised cost estimate. You can then decide whether you are prepared to accept this revised offer or not. If it's too much for you, we'll stop the project and you won't pay a penny. Not even for the work we have already invested in the project up to that point (according to the initial estimate).