Remove underline from links in Breakdance



Links in Breakdance are displayed in texts by default with a Underline underlined. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can easily switch this off. Of course, you can underline all texts, words or links manually after making this change. This is just about making sure that this does not happen automatically by default.

1. global settings

If you want to switch off the default underlining, you must first go to the "Global Settings" go.


2. typography

Then go to "Typography" > "Advanced" > "Left".


3. left - Decoration

After you "Left" you have selected, go to "Decoration" > "Style" and select here "none".



That's it. Now all your Links standard without Underlining (Underline) shown. You can easily change the underline globally for all links on your website in Breakdance remove.

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